The magician

Dyed with sustainably harvested Cochineal from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The Magician is the embodiment of creativity and what it means to be in your flow, doing what it is that you do best. When this card appears, it encourages you to create things that are true to your soul’s purpose and have some fun while doing it.

Red is the color of the root chakra. It represents courage, passion, energy and fire. A color that makes sure that you stand out from the crowd. The red in this garment was created with cochineal a red bug that lives in a cactus and is one of the oldest known forms of natural dye.

Wear this garment when you’re in the mood to make some magic and manifest your greatest desires.


The high priestess

Dyed with sustainably harvested Brazilwood from Oaxaca, Mexico and wild gathered Cosmos from Long Island, New York.

The High Priestess is an intuitive Queen, guardian of the subconscious and an all knowing being. When the High Priestess is pulled, it is an invitation to look within yourself and find the answers to your deepest questions. She is a reminder that you have everything that you need.

Purple is a magical color of the crown chakra and symbolizes wisdom, mystery, visionary thinking and spirituality. This lilac color comes from the deep innards of Brazil Wood, similar to the intuition deep within all of us, and cosmos which are a flower who’s essence encourages self-expression.

Wear this garment when you need a little extra push to believe in yourself and embrace your intuitive powers.


The Star

Dyed with indigo and organic, fair trade turmeric.

The Star appears in the traditional tarot deck after a time of collapse. Her appearance signals a time of transformation and represents an invitation to heal and rebuild your energy.

Green is a color that traditionally represents nature and healing. Dyed with indigo and turmeric, this piece is infused with the same anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Wear this garment when you are in the need of some deep self care, healing and earthy grounding.


The Sun

Dyed with sustainably harvested Pericon from Oaxaca, Mexico and wild gathered Marigold from Long Island, New York.

The Sun is a card that embraces your childlike wonder, freedom and joy. It gives you the strength to be your true self and enjoy the beauties that the world can offer.

This garment is dyed with sustainably harvested Pericon from Oaxaca, Mexico and wild gathered Marigold from Long Island, New York. Related to the common Marigold, Pericon has a sweet scent similar to tarragon and is used medicinally to treat irritated skin and to lift ones spirits.

Wear this garment when you want to appreciate all of the hard work you have done, bask in self love and have some fun.